Synopsis :

Destined to be among the great jazz virtuosos, Thomas Chapin was nearing the pinnacle of his meteoric career when leukemia took him at the age of 40 in 1998.
Who was Thomas Chapin, where did he come from, and where was he going? This intimate, 150-minute documentary by EMMY-winning filmmaker Stephanie J. Castillo will unfold his fascinating story, beginning with his rapid ascent as a jazz artist. As the Thomas Chapin Trio enters the wildly inventive, experimental days of music during the 1980s and the 1990s when the “downtown scene” of New York City exploded with artists pushing the music and bending genres, the film unfolds Chapin’s incandescent journey. His life and his music will mesmerize and inspire. The film will show why his place in jazz is indelible.
And just as he had transcended the boundaries of jazz and music, Thomas Chapin would prove that life itself can be made transcendent, even if it has to end too soon.


150 minutes, without intermission.

Thomas Chapin - GENERAL ADM. APRIL 27 @ 8.30pm - DOLBY Theatre

WEDNESDAY April 27 @ 8.30pm

DOLBY Theatre
1350 Ave of the Americas, NY 10019

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