An alienated man bonds with an extraterrestrial character who arrives to earth looking for natural resources for his planet, MAxx defies the local authorities to help the alien go back home.

Love Hurts

When turmoil sparks between two lovers, actions take a turn for the worse.


While visiting their estranged father George at his remote and isolated farm, Cole and Kayleigh find themselves facing a series of strange events and a group of uninvited visitors with mysterious and sinister intentions. An old, forgotten bond rekindles, and a once broken and divided family begins piecing itself together in order to survive, overcome and become whole again.

Caught in the Net (aka Bulmus)

A short comedy based on the story 'Bulmus' by internationally acclaimed writer Ephraim Kishon. Nathan finished working on the most important project of his life and he is trying to upload the file, but the neighbor's child is stealing his Wifi connection and prevents him from doing so. 

Hyper Connexion

In the near future, the high-tech network "Xenia" opens a new era in the hyper connection. But in this highly performing system, there is a fault. This is Mathieu, Development Engineer at Xenia: his parents were crushed in an accident linked to a malfunction of the network. Now he knows that the danger is not only virtual.

The Love Suckers

Larry (The Soup Nazi) Thomas stars as a marriage therapist giving advice to a troubled couple, (Eddie Deezen, Caryn Richman) but somehow he only make matters go from bad to worse.

The Germans on Tour

Cäptn Krause, Sebo and Fabian - three Germans on tour. What's up? Sailing adventure in the Caribbean Sea!

View the website and full series here: www.thegermans-ontour.com


SNAP follows the life of a deaf man named Caleb combatting his physical disorder from the time of his birth to growth into adulthood. 

Golden Shot

A betrayed woman wants to get rid of her mistrust by setting up a paradox game of lies to rescue her relationship - not realizing that she will destroy more than she gains.

Homes of Hope

The world is in a mess of wars and chaos, a simulated virtual world seems to be the only way out from this mess. During this course ex-scientist Chris's family get divided between virtual and real world.