14th Annual

Our 14th Annual Event
We are very happy, excited sharing with all of you the celebration of our first 14th Anniversary!

This long 14 years were a long path, full of happiness with great memories, incredible films from young talented up-coming filmmakers.
Some disappointments as well as part of any growing institution, company. 

Our NYCIFF-Foundation, Inc., ask for your contribution and support to give the new generation of filmmakers a Film Festival to showcase their Art.

We need your support more than ever the film industry is changing very fast All your donations are very welcome!

Thank you for your support



What we have achieved for filmmakers in our first 7th years


We at NYCIFF ( New York City International Film Festival) are dedicated from the first year to support and help filmmakers to go to the next level in their careers, Not an easy task, but  I work tireless, I understand the struggle of filmmakers more in this new times with so much competition even though offering more ways to screen films still not an easy task, the most difficult part is to put buts in every seat in a theatre, is extremely difficult Hollywood spend millions in marketing and promotion having well known celebrities...even though not easy, now think about how difficult is for any film festival trying to promote indie films...A BIG CHALLENGE 

Times have changed, before films distributors used to visit film festivals to see and buy movies, those times are GONE! thanks to the digital and Internet.

We at NYCIFF are proud for what we are doing and what have achieved so far!

Three feature films Winner Best Films at NYCIFF got theatrical Release in NY - Los Angles & San Diego and were submitted for the Oscars consideration

Three Shorts got theatrical and submitted for the Oscars consideration.



Our Latest documentary, "IVORY. A CRIME STORY" winner Best Documentary NYCIFF  2016 got theatrical Distribution in NY  November 4 to 10, 2016

Now Showing in LA from November 11 to 17, 2016

Got best reviews by the New York Times & Los Angeles Times

"IVORY. A CRIME STORY" was submitted for OSCARS consideration

los-angles-logo-black     screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-7-29-05-pm


2016 Short Film


Wish Makers had a one week run in Los Angeles and was submitted for the OSCARS Consideration




GREENCARD WARRIORS winner Best Narrative feature Film, Best Director NYCIFF 2014 - Got Theatrical Release at AMC Theatre, this film was Show in NY, for 1 week, Los Angeles for 2 weeks and 1 week in San Diego, was also Submitted for the OSCARS consideration

NYCIFF 2014 Short Film


THE TOWER, Winner best short film 2014 was submitted for the OSCARS consideration



JIHAD IN AMERICA, winner best documentary NYCIFF 2013 has a theatrical release in NY and Submitted to the SPIRITS Awards


NYCIFF 2010 First Year


OUR FIRST YEAR EVENT this film got Distribution thanks to NYCIFF Show his film in Times Square to a huge audience.