Antonia Bogdanovich, daughter of Peter Bogdanovich and Polly Platt, is a writer, director, and actress. She has written several independent feature scripts with her writing partner, Anne Heffron, including The Rabbit Will Die and Tell Me I’m Pretty, as well as a solo project called Tangiers by Friday. Antonia made her directorial debut in 2011 with what would later be developed into the feature length Phantom Halo, the short film My Left Hand Man, winner of 2012 Best Short at the New Jersey Film Festival, and Official Selection Austin Film Festival.


Synopsis: Phantom Halo is a LA Noir, dark family crime thriller, combining indie style and naiveté with pervasive literary intelligence and a dark desperation. In a dirty, impoverished neighborhood in present day Los Angeles, Samuel Emerson and his older brother Beckett struggle to stay afloat. Their father, Warren, an alcoholic and gambling addict, offers no support to his children emotionally or financially, himself deep in debt with a man named Roman. The brothers eek out a pittance with Samuel reciting Shakespeare on the street while Beckett pickpockets the audience. While forced to perfect his Shakespeare, Samuel finds inspiration, depth, and solace in the Phantom Halo comic series. Desperate for the money he is owed, Roman seeks out Samuel, attempting to use the interaction to encourage Warren to pay his debts. Samuel steals items from the local grocery to make a cake, celebrating the birthday of his mother, a woman who abandoned the family years before. Roman approaches Beckett, telling him just how deep Warren’s debt goes. Desperate to come up with the $38,00 his father owes, Beckett goes to his friend Little Larry for help. It is clear that there is sexual tension between Beckett and Little Larry’s mother, Miss Rose, a middle-aged woman, an isolated beauty, sensually but emotionally unavailable. Grace, the grocer’s daughter, cuts off part of Samuel’s pinky, punishment for his theft. Little Larry tests Beckett, asking him to break $100 bills on packs of gum. The next day, while Samuel carries on the act alone, Beckett meets Little Larry.


The Sinking of Sozopol

In Greek, the name “Sozopolis” means “the town of salvation”. Even though this isn't directly stated, it is exactly salvation that is the main motif in this story. An aging man goes back to Sozopol and brings along his memories and ten bottles of vodka. He has to answer the questions that he has been thoroughly avoiding his whole life. Chavo has to dive into his memories and into the ten bottles of vodka, as if into the ten circles of hell, in order to try and understand what he did wrong in his life, what we did wrong in our lives, and why we finally ended up living in a desert-like world. A creature that is not from this world, much like Virgil, will accompany him in this venture – the Freak. She knows everything about Chavo and the love of his life, Neva. The Freak sends mysterious e-mails to Chavo’s friends and to Neva, who’s living in Montreal. They must all come to Sozopol and help their friend, who is in danger. The stories from the past unfold. They are humane and easy to relate to, but at the same time, filled with some sort of quiet folly. The folly to keep on believing in love and friendship, despite all the bitter disappointments and betrayals. Even despite your own unforgivable faults. The folly to keep on believing in the magical world of your childhood, because the only thing a world in which all the magic is gone deserves is to sink to the sea bed. "The Sinking of Sozopol” is not a grim story, because when Chavo finishes the last bottle of vodka, he will find the right solution. And Neva – the woman he has always loved and will always love will stay with him forever.


Kostadin Bonev is a Bulgarian scriptwriter and director of more than 20 documentaries. He has graduated in Theatre Critical Studies from NATFIZ, Sofia, Bulgaria in 1980 and post-graduated in film directing in the classes of Georgi Djulgerov. Kostadin Bonev has been awarded a lot of national and international prizes. Among them, Grand Prix "Centaur" in 1995 for "Letters to the Nether World", Prix Europa Willy Brandt Prize and Special Jury Prize in Munich for "The Patience of the Stone".

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Forty something, foul-mouthed and aggressive, with an unquenchable thirst for booze and fags, when we first meet Woods Weston he appears to be a hopeless case. But, as the narrative unfolds, it reveals a once successful and charismatic man capable of great sensitivity, an accomplished artist, a loving husband and a committed father. This debut feature stars TOMMY FLANAGAN as a father consumed by grief who must come to terms with an emotional breakdown in order to save his relationship with his two young sons, 19 year-old Tom (TOM PAYNE) and 14 year-old Max (BILL MILNER); deeply moving and visually arresting, WINTER is a poignant exploration of love, loss and family bonds. 19 year old TOM (TOM PAYNE) and his younger brother MAX 14 years old (BILL MILNER) were happy, had everything going for them. A wonderful art gallery mother and a successful, artist father WOODS (TOMMY FLANAGAN).This happy family is turned upside down when MARIE is killed in a random act of violence. Woods beloved wife has been suddenly taken away and his heart has broken. He spirals into a mental and emotional break down. His daily life becomes a series of drinking binges and psychotic episodes in a bid to forget. He now frequents only the darkest of places. His bright and popular son Tom who, has gained a place at Columbia University due to his exceptional grades and hard work, is now his sole carer.

HEIDI GREENSMITH | Writer – Director

British writer/director Heidi Greensmith was born in the South East of England. One of seven children she made her own entertainment obsessively watching films and memorising the dialogue word for word. After graduating from The London Film School Greensmith worked briefly as an undercover reporter for a documentary production company until she realized that the dialogue of non-fiction was too restrictive. She then signed to a London production company to direct music promos and commercials. Greensmith has just completed her debut feature WINTER and is in development with her second feature BLOODY MARY. She is married to musician and composer Dominic Greensmith and they have four children together.

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How To Murder Your Wife

This is a true story. Most true stories need a little embellishment to add interest, drama, humour, and credibility. Not so this one. Everything is absolutely true: the events, the characters, the names - the works. Our hero Alf Benning is married to Elizabeth Benning, a large, overbearing and, in her case, emotionally bereft woman. This is in dramatic contrast to Alf, a quiet, insignificant, seemingly benevolent little man. She could squash him like a bug. She's in her early sixties: upright and churchgoing; he's in his mid sixties - an ex-gravedigger, now a charity volunteer and an S.P.C.A (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) ambulance driver for sick pets. A mild little chap in oversized spectacles, Alf loves his tiny Dutch Keeshund, Shep, even more than he hates his wife, Elizabeth. And Elizabeth loves her independence just as much as she hates Alf. The house where they live, in the affluent Wellington suburb of Karori, is owned by Alf but for the last few years, the poor old chap has been more tolerated tenant than owner and husband. The kitchen is divided in half - His and Hers. The lounge is divided in half - His and Hers. The TV and the bathroom have prescribed (and pro-scribed) hours of use - His and Hers. They speak no more than is necessary and, of course, have separate bedrooms. In Alf's, on open display beside the bed, is his bedtime reading: several reference books on murder. Ironically, Alf Benning becomes a much-admired player in TV's 1977 charity Telethon, which is in support of Mental Health. He trains his little dog Shep to tow a wee 'donations wagon' all over Wellington and they get their pictures in the papers. Not long after achieving these dizzying heights of well-known-ness, Alf will be charged with murdering his wife, dividing her into six bits, and burying all the parts under a freshly planted and exceptionally well-fertilized apple tree.


Riccardo Pellizzeri has directed over two hundred hours of drama and produced countless hours of television drama including mini-series, telefilms, series, serials and sitcoms. He has many New Zealand and Australian credits. In 2015 he directed the telefilm The Monster of Mangatiti (presently in post-production) and 2014 Ric both directed and co-produced the film How to Murder Your Wife. In 2013 co-created and produced the telefilm Carlotta for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which won three Australian Academy Awards (AACTA). Ric also produced the multi award winning telefilm Siege which won the New Zealand Television Award for Best Drama Script and the People’s Choice Award for best One-Off Drama. In 2009/10 Ric produced the UK/NZ big budget action film Ice. Ric has also worked on several successful Australian network pilots.

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L.A. Slasher

L.A. Slasher is a Neon Horror Satire about a flamboyant masked stranger called the L.A. Slasher who hunts and abducts celebrities who have found fame through Reality TV. The Slasher uses social networking as a platform to create an audience for his timely social statement. As events unfold, the Slasher's newly found audience grows rapidly, appreciating the lessons the Slasher inflicts on a range of victims. Each victim represents an aspect of the culture that the Slasher and the public have grown to despise. Set to a pulsing electric score, the film has an identity as unique as the Slasher himself!

MARTIN OWEN | Director

Martin Owen has worked in the industry for over ten years. He initially joined the industry as a performer and made the switch seamlessly to the other side of the camera. Understanding the process from an actor’s perspective has given Martin a useful advantage as a director; understanding his performer’s needs and how to get the very best from any given individual, has allowed Martin to create strong and lasting relationships with talent. Martin has a clear identity as a director, creating work with an edgy shot choice and vivid color palette but at no point jeopardizing the narrative. Martin lists his influences as Kubrick and Ridley Scott, and lends comparison to movies of the British New Wave Movement of the 1960’s. Martin has directed many short films including both award winning, shortlisted and technology driven pieces including the first live action stereoscopic 3D short in the UK. Martin’s short film success paved the way for the next step in his career working in music videos, idents and commercials. L.A. Slasher marks Martin’s feature film debut as director. Martin is currently in post-production on his next film, the science fiction thriller Let’s Be Evil.

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LA SLASHER - MAY 5 @ 8pm - AMC 25 THEATERS - 234 W. 42nd. St, NY



Based on real events, the film follows the adventures of coppersmith Bonaventura, his sister Marianna and the rich merchant Vicenç, with whom both have pending issues. Bonaventura is evicted because of the real state speculation. He believes he understands the new rules of the game and he decides to take advantage of them. Marianna, young widow, has to start again from zero. She discovers the power of her beauty. But the strong image of herself she builds is also a trap. Vicenc, rich businessman, invests all his fortune and relationships in a big business. He becomes even richer, but his position gets more fragile, since war is approaching. All of them lived at the beginning of the XVIII century in the disappeared neighbourhood of El Bornet in Barcelona. Real stories based on the amazing documentation work done by the historian Albert Garcia Espuche, and that come to life under the direction of Claudio Zulian. Three persons facing up to a time of big social, political and also intimate mutations.


Filmmaker, artist, musician, writer and producer, Claudio Zulian was born in Padova and lives in Barcelona. He is the author of a multifaceted work covering filmmaking, visual arts, music, theatre and literature. We highlight his last feature film Born, his internationally awarded documentaries The Shifting City, Fortuny & The Magic Lantern and L’Avenir and his previous feature film Beatriz/Barcelona. As an artist, his video installations and works have been exhibited worldwide.

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BORN - MAY 4 @ 8pm - AMC 25 THEATERS - 234 W. 42nd. St, NY


Love Socks

LOVE SOCKS is a heart-warming story about love, family, friends and body function anomalies! It's a romantic comedy that follows the story of Frederica. As a child she is diagnosed with a phenomenon known as Raynaud’s, which means she will sneeze forever. Frederica discovers her only respite from this affliction is to wear socks. The film exposes the heartaches that ensue when she loses her socks and how her insecurities affect and jeopardize her relationships. Ultimately, LOVE SOCKS is about letting go of our fears, those inner voices holding us back from opportunities and embracing life and happiness. The film stars a stellar Australian cast, including Michele Mattiuzzi (Home & Away), Shailla Quadra (Brad Fitt Will Be Mine), Natalie Rose (The Makeover), Khanh Trieu (Fat Pizza), Olga Markovic (Deadly Woman), Amber Gokken (Gabriel), and many more! Cinematography by Jack Kelly (Other World) and Marc Stimson (LARP), and a beautiful international soundtrack with some of the best voices from Australia & Brazil, including Snez, Sally Street, Daniel Fontes, Mano Tales, DJ Doido and many more! LOVE SOCKS is partly based on true events.


Shailla Quadra is an award winning bi-lingual filmmaker, actress and writer. She is simply not the type that sits and waits. She goes for it! Originally from Brazil, she now resides in Australia, where she has worked alongside some of Australia’s most popular talent, including Luke Arnold (Blacks Sails, Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS), Martin Dingle Wall (Strangerland, Cops LAC) and Nathin Butler (Winners & Losers, General Hospital). Shailla’s first film, “Brad Fitt Will Be Mine,” earned her a NYCIFF Best Lead Actress Award nomination in 2011. Written, directed and edited entirely by Shailla, the film entered the official selection for the Columbia George International Film Festival 2012, followed by selection at Australia’s largest horror film-festival, A Night of Horror International Film Festival 2014. “LOVE SOCKS” is her first feature film as a Writer-Director-Producer-Actress-Editor. Her previous credits as Writer-Director-Producer-Actress-Editor of various short films include; “BREATHING” (A Night of Horror International Film Festival 2009 Official Selection, VCFM 2009, Newtown Flicks Film Festival 2009), “TRULY COOL” (Best Audience Vote at the Sunday Offerings Session at the Newtown Flicks Film Festival 2009, VCFM 2009), “BRAZILIAN GONE BRITISH”, and many more. Shailla is passionate about helping artists achieve their career goals. Her biggest influence as a filmmaker is Robert Rodriguez. After reading his book “Rebel Without a Crew,” she always reminds herself – “If he can do it – I can do it.”

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Landauer | NARRATIVE

Landauer“ tells the story of Kurt Landauer, a former president of the FC Bayern Munich soccer team. He is the board president, but because he is Jewish loses his job in 1930's Nazi Germany. He then is put in a concentration camp in Dachau. He is forced to leave Germany and gets refuge in Switzerland. Landauer loses his entire family during the Nazi era. Our movie begins in bombed-out Munich in 1947, where Landauer is getting his visa so that he can go to America. There he sees the despair, but finds Maria, his family's housekeeper. He plans to stay just long enough to obtain his visa, but is re-appointed president of FC Bayern Munich. But his position is precarious: some members of FC Bayern want Landauer out of Germany - due to lingering anti-Semitism. Yet Landauer stays strong and restores the stadium into pristine condition, comes to terms with “Nazi Club” 1860 Munich and manages to form a soccer team out of twenty-two starving men. They will play post-WWII Germany's first professional soccer match. Landauer finds love with Maria and creates a new life for himself. The final kickoff he experiences is not in the stadium, but with Maria. .


Hans Steinbichler was born in 1969 in Solothurn, Switzerland. He is a director and writer, known for "Hierankl" (2003), "Le voyage d'hiver" (2006) and "Deutschland 09 - 13 kurze Filme zur Lage der Nation" (2009).

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Il Demone Di Mezzogiorno

In this age that wildly devours everything, THE NOON DEMON offers to the public a non-place to let go, breathe deep, do not expect or be forced to figure it all out. Dream images, sudden awakenings, reality, flashes of adrenaline, voices that merge for a while, memories. Through an inner story, a dry-eyed drama that tightens out silence and of expand on substantive views. The characters are hiding a dark side, which may arise or be driven back into the darkness leaving them forever maimed. Life revolves on itself, boiling or stagnating in a succession of events that sometimes seem to manifest clearly. Actually instead, often the motivations and internal textures elude us.


THE NOON DEMON is the result of close collaboration between the artists Pierfranco Zappareddu, Stella Sollai and Marco Rocca. It’s difficult to draw the roles that each of them has held during the making of the film because every aspect has been analyzed jointly, intersecting the specific skills of each one looking for a uniform aesthetic. Stella Sollai, artistic director in the organization of events, concerts and theatre, shares a long collaboration with the company Domus De Janas Teatro and theater director Zappareddu as assistant director. She also produced and promoted various projects of digital art by Rocca. Thanks to this, she conceived the project of contamination of expressive language contained in the film THE NOON DEMON in which flows the theatrical experience of Zappareddu merging with the audiovisual research of Rocca. No coincidence that, in addition to co-direct the film, she followed mainly the executive production. Pierfranco Zappareddu, recently deceased, was dedicated to theater from an early age. He signed countless productions in Sardinia before moving to OdinTeatret in Denmark. He founded his own company Domus de Janas Teatro, with whom he moved to Barcelona. His works have been represented throughout Europe, reviewed enthusiastically by major newspapers, and appreciated by influential theater critics. In 2010 Zappareddu sign his first film directing with the feature film Distanze and also this work is a result of the collaboration with Sollai and Rocca. THE NOON DEMON is his latest work and represents his artistic legacy. The productions of Marco Rocca (aka mar.core), are difficult to be reduced to a limited area. Musician, composer and video maker, his research uses the expressive means in a dialectical interchange focused on the evocative aspects merging from the work. The process of de-contextualization and re-contextualization of acoustic, visual and textual samplings, have been developed on a reduction of the use of the over-structural reference of the languages. In agreement with the statements of Carmelo Bene about signifier and meaning, these factors are considered by mar.core as "polluting" the emotional flow.

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Greencard Warriors is a 91-minute film. Set against the backdrop of the American military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan, GREENCARD WARRIORS follows the story of 14-yearold Angel, an undocumented Latino teen and his family, who struggle to find their place in American society. With the promise of naturalization papers, US Military recruiters present Angel's father with the opportunity for a brighter future for his family if they send their eldest son into the US Army. With his brother gone, Angel and his African American new love are vulnerable to the attention of a local street gang whilst the family is left to deal with the inevitable consequences of the choices they have made

MIRIAM KRUISHOOP – Writer – Director

MIRIAM KRUISHOOP – Writer – Director

Miriam Kruishoop, is an award-winning writer/director born in the Netherlands. She graduated with honors from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Miriam won the Citroen Award at the Dutch. Film Festival for “Best Graduation Film”, despite the fact she was only in her 3rd year, and wrote and directed her first feature film Vive Elle when she was in her 4th year, on an exchange program with a Film Academy in Paris. She received a grant from the Dutch Film Foundation to finish the film while she was still in school, which was unprecedented. She won a Tiger Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the Culture Prize of the City of Amsterdam. Miriam directed her second feature, Unter den Palmen, with childhood idol Helmut Berger and Thom Hoffman, which opened the Dutch Film Festival. Miriam is the youngest female to have directed a feature film in the Netherlands, and is also the youngest Netherlands Film Festival Gouden Kalf nominee for Best Director. Miriam most recently won the Best Director Award for her latest film Greencard Warriors starring Manny Perez at the LA Latino Film Festival in 2013. The film also won Best Feature at the Washington DC Independent Film Festival. Mc Kinnley Freeman won the Best Actor Award at the California Film Awards and has received a nomination for the Alliance of Women Film Journalists’ EDA Award.

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After the accident, Rebecca discovers herself in a very different world than she remembers. Plagued by her patchy memory and self-doubt she fends for herself. She encounters Gary who tells her a terrifying story of his escape from the local jail. Can Rebecca trust Gary? Can she cope with what she learns? Can she survive in the world of the “Infected”?

JASON WRIGHT – Writer- Director

Jason Wright is known for his work on Infected (2015), Zombie Playground: Ice Scream (2015) and Resident Evil 6 (2012).

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INFECTED - MAY 5 @ 8pm - PRODUCERS' CLUB - 358 W. 44th St. N


THOMAS CHURCHILL – Writer- Director